XPro review : 800 games or nothing!

It was one of the surprises of this Christmas, thanks to my little girl who ordered a small box full of video games for her beloved dad, without this one knowing it. So I had the pleasure of unpacking a gift as unexpected as full of surprises!

A Xbox ? No, a XPro !

Yes, as you can see, the X Pro takes a good part of the design of the Xbox One S, but only in outline. Already, the size is obviously not the same, the weight either (the X Pro seems empty) and the finish is not the same ilk. But hey, we’re not on the same level of price either …

The console comes with 2 USB controllers, copies of the controller of the PS2. No vibrator, and for good reason, no game supports it. But all the same analog sticks, although for games included, I prefer to use the legendary directional cross. It also comes with an HDMI cable, an A / V cable, a jack / USB power cable, to connect to a charger not supplied, and a 32 GB micro-SD card. It will be seen later that it reserves its lot of surprises.

A huge games list

This is the big strength of this console: 800 games included, just that. Well, of course, I doubt that the licenses are in good standing with Sega, Nintendo and others, but hey … We will have the opportunity to play arcade games, Neo-Geo, Megadrive, Master System, Game Boy, Game Gear, because, SNes, or even Playstation 1. This is also the nice surprise of the memory card: while we believe the PS1 catalog limited to ISS, we see that the CM contains 27 GB of legendary games!

In the end, we will have the pleasure of finding Sonic, Mario, Pokemon, Lara Croft, Gran Turismo, Mercs and many others … at the price of some concessions, alas.

A poor image quality

Metal Slug!

This is THE big black point of the console. At first glance, we say that the selection menu is very clear, but when we launch the first game we disillusion a little: the smoothing is monstrous and exaggerated compression. In addition, while the main menu of the console is perfectly displayed on a 16/9 screen, the games are stretched, it will be necessary to think of ironing the screen in 4/3 to find the original proportions of the games. But really, this compression and smoothing, argh! I thought it must be due to the resolution of the screen and HDMI, but the picture is the same in A / V.

History of well appreciate the smoothing and compression …

And no settings available on the console will come to our rescue. Browsing the memory card (via the console), we see a file settings.dat, but it can not be found if we browse the CM on the computer (yes, I displayed the hidden files). I will have to find this file and see what we can do with it.

The smoothing is really monstrous, it must unfortunately be ignored …

But a real pleasure to play!

Here, this lack of image quality does not affect the pleasure of playing. We take the game and we find the heroes of our childhood with happiness! I found the tracks that I liked on Gran Turismo on PS1 or Ayrton Senna’s Formula 1 on Megadrive, I exploded on 1944 on Neo-Geo, or on Mario World on SNes (and even on Megadrive, even if has nothing to do with the Nintendo version, it was “Segaisé”). I still have trouble staying on a particular game, so I want to see more, but believe that I will come back, especially in video, since I intend to share my play sessions!

Mario version Sega
Gran Turismo

See you soon for discoveries of games of the Middle Ages!

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