Dark Mode: Do not explode your eyes!

I am sure that many of you also surf in the evenings, as the brightness decreases. And there, nothing more unpleasant than all these sites on white background (you said Techno-hack?) that we blow up the retina at an hour when our eyes are accustomed to low ambient brightness, and tired what's more!

Dark Mode

As a result, many sites offer their visitors a very welcome dark mode! And once you've tasted it, you have to admit that it's hard to do without! Personally, as soon as I go to a site in the evening, I look if a dark mode is available. Finally, I was looking, because the question does not even arise.

Dark mode on all sites

Because in fact it is very easy to have dark mode on all sites, just ask the browser to activate it via an extension. I found a perfect one on Chrome, but this is definitely available also on Firefox. As for the mobile (smartphone, tablet), Chrome will soon embark on a dark mode.

The extension will in fact pass the clear backgrounds in black, the texts in white, in order to rest the eye. For websites already enjoying a dark mode and on which it is already active, the extension leaves the site as is.

So, no more headaches in the evening when going to bed, it's really nice not to explode your eyes by consulting its favorite websites!

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