Anet A8 More : the return of the superstar of 3D printers

The Anet A8 is a superstar in the world of 3D printers. An attractive price, a nice kit to build and a large community of users have made this machine essential. Today, she returns to the front of the stage in an improved version: the Anet A8 Plus.

Anet A8 More

Anet A8 More: an A8 under steroids

Almost three years ago, I discovered the Anet A8 at the same time as the world of 3D printing. I published a review which quickly became the most read article on the blog. Since then, I have come to know this machine, I have tamed, improved, before finally go upmarket, but the A8 still has a place of choice in my heart of maker.

This A8 still had some flaws, that this Anet A8 Plus fixes for the most part:

  • Increased print volume: once limited to 20x20x22cm, it now goes to 30x30x35cm.
  • The chassis abandons acrylic and goes to aluminum
  • Added a glass panel on the bed
  • New screen with selection wheel
  • Belt tension adjustment in X and Y
  • Inserting the filament easier
  • New motherboard with surge protection

Anet A8 Plus Aluminum Frame 3D Printer - Black EU Plug


The Anet A8 Plus is definitely destined for the same fate as its little sister (which you can find here). Its price is currently 306€ (as on 01/21/19) at Gearbest.


Anet A8 Plus Aluminum Frame 3D Printer – $349.99 Free Shipping|

Only $349.99,buy Anet A8 Plus Aluminum Frame 3D Printer at GearBest Store with free shipping.

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