Alexa+Harmony : send individual commands

The Harmony / Alexa couple is a must have for lovers of home automation or connected objects. But the big thing is that orders are limited to the most common: change channel, volume and activities. That’s all ! So when it comes to using particular commands, such as directional controls, the ok button or any other specific key, it is impossible. At least, Logitech did not expect this use with Alexa, which is a shame. Because individual commands are well and truly accessible, and here’s how.


In addition to our Harmony hub and our Echo, we are going to need some small additions:

The principle

We start by creating the task corresponding to the command that we want to send:

  • New task to name as the corresponding command
  • Add a Plugin / Harmony action
  • Click Settings, choose Send command in the first menu, the chosen device in the second, and the command in the third.
  • On the grid-like button at the bottom, choose an icon for the task (important).
  • Validate and test your command.

Then we transform the task into an app:

  • Do a long click on your task and choose Export
  • Select Export as an application
  • Name your app: com.applicationname.whatyouwant
  • Return key. The app is built and offers installation, validate.
  • Once installed, if you click Open, the command will be sent to your device. It works !

Finally we configure the interaction with Alexa:

  • Open the application Alberto Sonorus
  • Click the + button and select the app you just created.
  • Open the Alexa app and go to the Smart Home section of the sidebar.
  • Click the + button to add a new device. The search starts, at the end your application should appear.
  • Create a new routine, in Voice mode, specify the command to say to Alexa, then in action, choose Smart Home, control a device, and choose your app.

You can now test your command!


It is very surprising that Logitech does not bother to implement this function within the Harmony skill (which is still not available in France). However, it remains simple enough to configure the sending of a single command, you know what remains to be done!